I have been very lazy with updates, so a well deserved big update on the car!

Myself and Jay headed up to the dyno to see how the car was doing, but on the day as always happens there was a problem... with my boost controller. So we couldn't map on the way up. Once we got there I found and repaired a power wire that had pulled free from a crimp and all was well with the controller, or so we thought.

The next issue was if it would get on the rollers (as the diffuser is rather low)! Luckily it did and I then managed to break Jay's Datalogit plug! I thought I was all out of luck then Dale came to the rescue as he had one in the van, thanks!

Jay jumped in the car and we did a few runs, but there was too much wheelspin so we all climbed in the boot for more grip and to my astonishment we got a massive 650hp with 500ft/lb of torque!

But... it was slow to build boost and it fell off too soon at the top end which Jay says is due to the boost controller. I am going to check the spring in the waste gate and also the lines to the waste gate as it could be one has a small leak.

Even so I'm really pleased with what we got, and there will be more to come soon... once the boost controller is setup we will re-run on the dyno and post up a graph. Cheers Jay for the build and your help!

Here is a video of the run I edited on my phone: Video of the dyno run