DM Motorsport rear two-piece brakes

Today I fitted my larger 2 piece disc upgrade which uses 330x20 mm discs (fromComp-Brake) with hats with brackets courtesy of the nice guys at DM motorsport. The main benefit of the larger discs is not only looks but a larger surface area with which to dissipate heat.

I had a bit of trouble getting the original caliper bolts out, but thanks to a special set of sockets from Irwin I managed to get them out easily.

I also had to remove the original brake ducts for clearance as the lip would catch on the larger discs, I tried removing just the lip, but they felt a bit flimsy so I ditched them entirely. I cleaned up the calipers and hub while I was there with some wire brushes and a bit of polish. The brackets needed a little tweak to sit flush as the reverse of the FD hub has a little lip that needed removal. Once on I then assembled the discs with hats and bolted them along with the calipers all back together.

In all I'd say it took just a few hours and really looks much better compared to the stock brakes! Also the good news is the handbrake cable reached without needing any adjustment. Now all I need is to bed them in!

A few pics of the process: