Rebuild 2012

Well after getting my car back together after the winter I found it wasn't starting from cold very well, and when it did it would only start on one rotor! I was hoping it would just be a plug lead that was not seated but after cranking with the plugs out I found coolant. I did a quick champagne test and I also got many bubbles which concluded my water seals had gone or I had a warped plate. It would hold pressure when cold but as soon as it got warm I would get coolant in the front housing.

I spoke with Jay who agreed the engine would need to come out for a rebuild so I was left with an empty bay for a couple of weeks whilst it was rebuilt. You can see my new front subframe in gold and the new coil relocation bracket I made whilst I could get in there!

I got the engine back a couple of weeks ago, it turns out the front housing was warped! So I got a new one for piece of mind and had it ported out to match the other housing, plus a bit extra on both for good measure!

So I'm almost there putting it all back together, will just need a tweak on the map since I've gone with a parallel fuel setup.