Here is the spec the car is currently running for those that wanted to know! I think the next thing on the list for improvement is my driving, so I think I will book myself a training session with a pro driver.

Time Attack specification - 2009
Model Mazda RX-7 FD3S
Year 1992

Engine Mods 
Rotary 13B running a 'Jaydee special port'
Trust/Greddy T88-34D 18cm single turbo with v-band
Trust/Greddy 4" v-band downpipe (heatwrapped)
Trust/Greddy large bore manifold
Trust/Greddy 4" midsection (heatwrapped)
HKS GT II wastegate
R-Magic 4" exhaust
Apexi exhaust valve
Super Now pulley set
Stillway solid engine mounts
Apexi FMIC
Koyo radiator
Feed plug leads
Trust/Greddy Iridium plugs 10/11s
WAKOS ignition system and coil
Apexi Power FC with commander
Coolingmist water injection
Relocated coil packs
Custom aluminum heat shielding
All fuse boxes and wiring moved to inside the car

Handling Mods 
Seam welded chassis
Feed Pro-F05 suspension
Nagasa auto support plates
Multipoint roll cage with additional bars in engine bay (welded)
Rays Gram Light 57 F-Pro 18" rims
Brembo 8pot calipers
Super Now Toe-links and trailing arms
Super Now Solid diff mounts

Style Mods 
Kazama Auto Wide body kit with one-off Kazama canards
R-Magic carbon side diffusers
R-Magic carbon rear diffusers
Sard 1800mm carbon GT wing
RE Amemiya diffuser with carbon bowtech and vortex generators
Scoot bonnet
Rasty FRP doors
Craft Square mirrors
Custom undertray
Front and rear toe hooks

Audio Mods 

Interior Mods 
Flocked dash and panels
Custom carbon dash, heater panel and transmission panel with all buttons removed
Feed carbon sill covers
Mazdaspeed rear view mirror
Momo suede wheel
Multipoint roll cage (welded)
Stripped out and sound deadening removed
All excess wiring removed and simplified
Recaro RZ Carbon Kevlar bucket seats
Apexi AVC-R
Custom aluminium floor plates